Analysis of horn single failure



The cause analysis of the single speaker failure is as follows

Analysis of horn single failure

The cause analysis of the single speaker failure is as follows

Elastic wave: Under long-term mechanical movement, due to the different stability of different materials, elastic fatigue is easy to occur.

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1.The elastic wave is deformed, which causes the voice coil to move, and the voice coil is off-center, causing rubbing;

2. The bouncing wave collided with the soft iron coil and hit the bottom of the T-iron, causing the sound of hitting steel;

3. The center rubber of the elastic wave and the voice coil is deteriorated (the voice coil is too hot, or the glue is not sufficiently hard), causing the central part to detach.

Diaphragm: The speaker diaphragm is made of various materials such as paper, metal, PP, etc. Under long-term use, the temperature of the paper basin is affected by moisture and moisture, which will cause the weight of the paper basin to change and deteriorate. Will change the original sound quality.

1.The central part of the voice coil is degummed. Under long-term excessive use, the overloaded power output will cause the voice coil to overheat, causing the center gel to change, which will cause degumming and noise.

2.If the power output is too large and the diaphragm vibrates violently for a long time, if the heat resistance of the glue is sufficient at this time and the rigidity of the paper cone is not enough, it will cause the paper cone deformation meter to rupture, that is, an abnormal sound will be generated. ;

3. Man-made damage and insect bites can also cause damage and abnormal sounds.


1. Sponge foam edge or rubber or cloth edge, etc. After a long period of vibration and the impact of the climate, the sponge will deteriorate and corrode;

2. Insect bites and man-made destruction.

Dust cover

1.The dust cover is loosened, causing noise when it collides with the paper cone;

2. The dent of the dust cover can cause abnormal sounds.

Voice coil

The center point of the voice coil is rubbed against the T iron due to glue overheating or other reasons, which will cause the coil to be disconnected or shorted.

The voice coil lead is broken.This is because the hardness of the extension of the center point of the paper cone is uneven, which will cause the paper cone to be broken and the enameled wire will be broken;

The bent part of the lead may cause oxidative fracture under long-term use.